Pink Kush


Pink Kush is a 90/10 indica-dominant hybrid, creating super strong body effects. Pink Kush’s flavour and odour are heavily accented with vanilla, sweet berries, and floral notes that linger in your mouth in a pleasing way. Users will find that they are instantly taken to a euphoric headspace, as even the potential of a negative thought is far from the mind. Used frequently to overcome stress, anxiety, and extreme nervousness, it’s a great way to calm yourself down and enjoy a carefree day. If used later in the evening, smoking a decent amount of this strain will lull you into a deep sleep.

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  • Insomnia: 10/10
  • Stress: 9/10
  • Pain: 9/10
  • Depression 7/10
  • Headaches: 5/10


  • Relaxed: 10/10
  • Happy: 9/10
  • Sleepy: 8/10
  • Euphoric: 7/10
  • Uplifting: 6/10


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